Current Information

NOTICE: The Thursday morning 10:00 meeting at the Christ Presbyterian Church this week is cancelled due to the holiday. The church is closed for the 4th of July.



Information Regarding Virtual Meetings




There is a paid district Zoom account that can host your local home group’s virtual meeting if you don’t already have one. Text our district social media representative (330-581-9501) to get a meeting up and running with this account.

Some of our local groups are using a virtual meeting format to maintain our local meetings using the Zoom video platform, which is available for any device you might like to use.

BEFORE the day of the meeting, you’ll need to download Zoom and when you’re signing up for Zoom, remember to consider your anonymity and only use your first name and last initial for your profile.


  • Here is the direct link to sign up for Zoom if you don’t have an account (it’s FREE):
  • If you already have an account and need to change your display name to protect your anonymity, you can do that here:



  • This meeting-on-wheels handout from World Service has the basic opening/welcome, closing, preamble to twelve steps, and other quick references.
  • When doing things together in unison, such as the Serenity Prayer or the closing prayer, it’s best to have all but one person mute their microphone to avoid echo and audio lag that can jumble whatever is being said.
  • Hop on before the start time to test your microphone and camera if needed (and to say hello to fellow members)
  • Mute your microphone when not talking, especially if a meeting is having a lot of feedback, echo, or rustling sounds. You can turn on push-to-talk if you’re on a computer (where you’re only unmuted when you hold down the space bar, which can be handy).
  • Try to remember to say “I pass” and wave a hand when wanting to share to avoid talking over one another, which can happen accidentally on video calls due to slight lag or less obvious cues.


If using the District account, one person will need a host key (doesn’t have to be chairperson – GR or designated person could do this) to claim Host role in the call, which will require reaching out to the district social media representative (this number cannot be posted publicly for security reasons). Text 330-581-9501 for the key if your group doesn’t already have someone managing this.

  • To claim Host from a computer:
    1. Click “Participants” at the bottom of the screen
    2. Click “Claim Host” at the bottom of the participants list
  • To claim Host from a mobile phone (iPhone for sure, untested on Android):
    1. Click “More” at the bottom of the screen
    2. Click “Enter Host Key to Claim Host” from the menu pop up

*Please remember to protect the anonymity and privacy of others on the video call by being in a private area during the meeting where you and others won’t be overheard.

(Click on your home group at your usual meeting time or slightly before to join your meeting. You can also call 1-253-215-8782 and put in the meeting ID.)

Here’s a list of local meetings that are gathering online:






  • Saturday 10:30 am – Steps to Recovery (North Canton)
    • (If calling, meeting ID 830 8149 2341, password 734111)
    • Newcomers:
      • Virtual meeting on Zoom after the meeting (at 11:30)
      • In-person newcomers meeting 10:00 am at Zion UCC (back entrance) located at 415 S. Main St., North Canton, Ohio 44720